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Student Belonging Pickup/Drop-off


Sign up to pick up student belongings by clicking the following link:


Everyone is asked to enter through the Gym Lobby doors and exit through Main Lobby Doors.

- Each student is only allowed 1 adult with them

- There will only be 5 time slots available every 15 minutes for students and a parent / guardian to enter the building. 

- Students and a parent / guardian are asked to practice social distancing and enter the building, pick up supplies, and exit the building within 15 minutes. No loitering in the building.

- Students and a parent / guardian will be required to wear a mask while in the building. If you do not have a mask we will provide one for you.

Student belongings are located in front of student lockers and are labeled with their name on them. 

-  You may want to bring a bag or something to collect student belongings. Our teachers have organized student materials and supplies into trash bags but some are heavy and could easily rip. 

When you come to pick up your child's belongings you are also asked to bring school Chromebooks, school textbooks, library books, and instruments to drop off at that time.  

- Chromebooks will be dropped off in the Gym Lobby. Please bring the charger back with the Chromebook.

- Any school rented instruments will be dropped off in the orchestra room, located off the Gym Lobby. This door will be open so you can just drop them inside the room.

- Library books will be dropped off in the gym lobby.

- Textbooks should be dropped off next to classroom doors. 


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Morning Information

Students should not be dropped off before 7:15 am. There is no supervision available during this time. If you would like your child to eat breakfast at school, they need to arrive by 7:50am. This will allow them to eat as well as make it to class on time.

Parent Pickup

If you pick up your child, please arrive no later than 2:40 p.m.  We close the back door at that time, and take students upstairs to the office because the duty for pick-up personnel ends at that time.  Our office is too small to accommodate a large number of students.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Parent Pickup Procedures



Building doors remained locked at all times for the safety and protection of our students and staff. All visitors must be buzzed in through the front doors and report to the office to sign in and receive a visitor pass. To preserve the learning environment within the classrooms, we require an appointment to be made in advance for all observations within the classroom. Please see someone in the office to make an appointment and fill out the appropriate paperwork.


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