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Music Sign Ups

6th Grade Music

6th Grade Music

music note 6th Grade Music Informationmusic note
We are starting the process of signing up the 5th graders for orchestra, band, and chorus at Alton M.S. for the 2022-23 school year. 
The Alton School District’s music program offers several outstanding musical opportunities for our students at all levels.  Participation in music provides your child the opportunity for self-expression, discipline, creativity, and teamwork.      
Orchestra, band, and chorus at Alton Middle School are scheduled classes that meet every day at the same time. Our music students in the middle school do not miss academic instruction time.  

Your child may sign up for up to two (2) music classes at Alton M.S.

To sign your child up for orchestra, band, and/or chorus at Alton M.S. next school year click here:  Sign up for AMS Music
Band and orchestra students are to provide their own instrument from a local music store unless they rented a school instrument during 5th grade band/orchestra, or the parent has made prior arrangements with the AMS music teacher. There is a $40.00 instrument rental fee to use a school instrument. This fee is waived for students on the school district's fee waiver list. 

Please sign your student up for 6th grade orchestra, band, and/or chorus by March 18.
You may contact Mrs. Buis (chorus), Mr. King (band) or Ms. Wolford (orchestra) if you have any questions. Please contact Mr. King or Ms. Wolford prior to enrolling if your child is NOT currently enrolled in band or orchestra at the 5th grade level.
We look forward to seeing and hearing your child's continued success in our outstanding music program!
 Thank you!